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Solar Panels

The Silfab Solar Difference

We use Silfab Tier 1 solar panels which means they’re built to last.  You can be confident that your panels will continue to run efficiently for years to come!

Silfab Solar logo
beautiful shiny black solar panels.

Maximum Energy Output

Our Silfab panels enjoy a superior manufacturing process and innovations such as Bifacial and Back Contact technologies.

Industry Leading Warranty

The Sunrise Solar Panels include two industry leading warranties.  A 25-year Workmanship Warranty and a 30-years Performance Warranty.

The Performance Warranty guarantees your solar panels will continue to product power efficiently for at least 30 years, while the Workmanship Warranty means we’ll replace any parts that wear out during the first 25 years.

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North American Quality

Our panels are made by the leading automated solar module manufacturer in North America, and are built to the highest standards.

Utilizing premium quality materials and strict quality control management to deliver the highest efficiency, premium quality PV modules 100% made in North America.

Inverter Options

Solar Edge String Inverters (Most Affordable Option)

We use the highest quality Solar Edge string inverters which have many advantages over traditional string inverters.
If you live in an are with a variety of roof obstructions the micro inverter may be the best option.

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Enphase Micro Inverter (Available Upgrade)

With mirco inverters include an inverter on each solar panel. each panel operates independently.